22 May 2012

Nail Polish

I'm giving myself a manicure today so I figured I would take a picture of my favorite nail polishes (otherwise known as the ones in my collection that are Sephora by OPI).  I have some other fun colors but I think as time goes on they'll all get replaced by OPI because it is by far the best brand I've ever used.

Left to right:
Chestnuts About You (shimmery pink champagne)
Curve-Aceous (shiny true red aka The Woman)
Just A Little Dangerous (slightly glittery deep plum, aka Purple of Sex)
Absinthe Makes the Heart (dark green glitter)
What's A Tire Jack (black -- online sources claim it's matte but I'm not sure if mine is)

L to R:
What Aura Gonna Wear? (opaque hot pink)
How Cute Is That? (shimmery coral)
I Come In Peas (opaque kelly green)
Baker Street (opaque TARDIS blue)

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