07 November 2008

Wish list 08!

Here it is! Categorized into yarny things and non-yarny things.


  • I have a gajillion big projects I'd love to get great yarn for (wool, silk, bamboo, depending on pattern). Take me to a yarn store and I get exactly what I need for the project! Things I drool over include this cardigan, this tank, this skirt, and oh, another cardigan.
  • Sock yarn! Solids, stripes, weird colors ... I love socks :)
  • Aladdin (I used to have it, but it got lost and I've been looking for a year)
  • Firefly
  • Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
  • Inuyasha (I've recently gotten back into it -- I have the first 3 volumes and both movies)

Long time, no post!

So! I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Close, but I got my "withdraw passing" form in before the deadline, so I'm down to only 2 time-consuming classes (plus swing stuff plus applying to student teach plus paying attention to Erik plus everything else like sleeping), and financial aid has promised that my scholarships won't notice!

Here's what's going on in my world of knitting, since I'm a little bad at annotating Ravelry with priorities and such.

Finished, but not?
The Hat They Call Jayne -- have to remember to take home for Dad!

On the needles:
Fever -- needs to be finished by December 5!
Bjorklunden vid Sjon -- almost done!
Druid mittens -- barely started, low priority (except I wants 'em!!)

Queued for gifts:
Microbes for all!
Beer sweaters for M&D
Lacemats for G&G
Jayne Zunecosy (not in Q)

Further future:
Hey, Teach! (start when Xmas gifts have end in sight)
Short-sleeve cardi for me (frog ToE pullover, make ToE cardi!)

Need to figure out:
Something for Katy, Amanda, Matt
Katy and Amanda -- fancy yarn (Noro?) and a microbe
Matt -- ??? not something knitted

Comments from all are welcome :)