16 July 2008

Mrs Darcy -- modifications

My modifications follow.


CO 48 +2 for seam allowances, which are always K at the end of rows and slipped at the beginning of rows.
Work 40 rows in 2x2 cable rib, cabling every 4th row
Increase once at each end of next row
Work 39 rows in st st
Increase once at each end of next row
Work 39 rows in st st

Sleeve cap shaping:
1. (RS) BO 4, k to end
2. BO 4, p to end
3. BO 4, k to end
4. BO 4, p to end
5. K to last 4, k2tog, k2
6. P to last 4, p2tog, p2
7. K to last 4, k2tog, turn (short row)
8. P to last 4, p2tog, turn (short row)
9. K to last 4, k2tog, turn (short row)
10. P to last 4, p2tog, turn (short row)
11. K
12. P
13. K
14. P2, p2tog, p to end
15. K2, k2tog, k to end
16. P
17. K
18. P
19. K to last 4, k2tog, k2
20. P to last 4, p2tog, p2
21. K
22. P
23. K
24. P2, p2tog, p to end
25. K2, k2tog, k to end
26. P
27. K to last 4, k2tog, k2
28. P to last 4, p2tog, p2
29. BO3, k to end
30. BO3, p to end
31. BO4, k to end
32. BO4, p to end
BO all remaining sts.


I have widened the fronts to get my size, kept the tiny cabled 2x2 rib, and added another buttonhole (total of 4) and several more rows of ribbing, which will sit at my natural waist (just below the bust).

Right front (left front)

CO 42 +1 for seam allowance
work 4 rows in seed st.
*** from here, all instructions keep a 3-stitch seed stitch border at the right edge, or left for the non-buttonhole side (e.g. - RS row: K, P, K, k to end; WS row: p to last 3, k, p, k). Omit buttonholes on left front; work those rows in the established stitch pattern.

Work 4 rows in st st
Buttonhole row 1: In border: K2tog, yo, k1; k to end.
work 7 rows st st
work 2 rows in k2, p2 tiny cabled rib every 4th row (I did p1 next to the border, then the first k2)
buttonhole row 2; do first cable here.
work 9 rows in rib
buttonhole row 3; no cable
work 9 rows in rib
buttonhole row 4; cable
work 3 rows in rib
work 2 rows st st
begin scoop neck decreases:
dec 1 st next to border next 5 rows
dec 1 st every other row, 6x
work 3 rows
dec 1 st in next row

work 20 rows in st st

armhole shaping; worked at beginning of WS rows for right front (except where indicated). Switch RS and WS for left.
BO 4
BO 2
BO 2
dec 1
next row (RS): dec 1
dec 1 next 3 WS rows (18 sts remain)
work in st st even for 30 rows, place sts on holder.


CO 88 sts
Work 4 rows seed st
Work 10 rows st st
Next row (RS): K 36, ssk 4 times, k2tog 4 times, k to end.
Next row: P 36, p2tog 2 times, ssp 2 times, p to end.
Work 26 rows in cabled rib.
Work 40 rows in st st.
Armhole shaping:
1 (RS): BO 4, k to end
2. BO 4, p to end
3. BO 2, k to end
4. BO 2, p to end
5 and 6: repeat 3 and 4
7. Ssk, k to last 2, k2tog
8. P2tog, p to last 2, ssp
9. Ssk, k to last 2, k2tog
10. Purl
11. Ssk, k to last 2, k2tog
12. Purl
13. Ssk, k to last 2, k2tog
Work even for 30 rows; place sts on holder. *Note: I put a Celtic knot design on the back of mine, starting right after the arm hole shaping -- it should have been a few rows sooner, but what can ya do. If you want a chart, comment and I'll post it, though it may be a copyright violation since I kinda tried to copy it from somewhere.

Finishing: I did a 3-needle bind-off to attach the fronts to the back, and then did a crocheted picot bind-off for the stuff in the middle because it was way small. Sew up seams, weave in ends, block, and add buttons.

fun with tickers

10 July 2008

Mrs Darcy

Since Ravelry isn't actually a blog, I'm remembering I have this and now it's time to move on to planned mods.

For those of you joining the program late, this is Mary Weaver's Mrs. Darcy Cardigan.

  • Add tiny gather at back, just below ribbing, so there is ease in hips but waist is still tight. -2: (K2tog)4x, (ssk)4x (or whichever gets them slanting how I want -- if anyone is using this for reference, be aware that I knit really weirdly). -1: (P2tog)2x, (ssp)2x (same note). 0: ribbing begins.
  • Change twisted rib (I don't much like how it looks) to 2x2 rib with tiny cables, for a little more elasticity. Also, I love tiny cables :)
  • Lengthen waist ribbed section slightly (make it up as I go, and don't forget to count!)
  • Shorten garment to place ribbing at natural waist (counting!)
  • Seed stitch borders instead of garter stitch (I think it looks more polished).

I am not a Small.
  • Back: CO 88 sts (with gather decreases, this makes 78 for the rest)
  • Fronts: CO 42 sts each.
  • Sleeves: CO 48 each.

This pattern seems to have shaping problems, mostly in that the armhole shaping is very tight. These are my preliminary ideas to help out with that.

Body (each instruction is worked once on each side):
(BO2) 2x
(k2tog) 2x
(k2tog every other row) 6x
work even in st st for 28ish rows?

Arms (full instructions)
1. BO4, k to end
2. BO4, p to end
3. BO2, k to end
4. BO2, p to last 4, p2tog, p2
5 and 6. work to last for, k/p 2tog, work 2
7 - 10. work to last 4, 2tog (short rows)
11 - 13 (and possibly beyond?). work in st st.
continue starting with row 10 as written in Mary's pattern.

This is what I have for now. Swatching is complete, and I'm just waiting to actually finish my last project before I jump on into this one :)

ETA: switched some k's to p's -- this is stockinette stictch!

7/11: Cast on the first sleeve! I was going to do them both at once, but I realized that would be pretty crowded.

Tiny cables every 4th row.

Goal: Be able to wear it to the first day of Computational Physics, weather permitting :) If all goes REALLY well, be able to wear it when I visit Moine!

01 July 2008

playing with the internet

maybe you've seen this thread, where you use randomizing features on the web to build your "debut album." anyway, here's mine:

Delcastle Technical High School -- Strangers to Kill Again