10 July 2008

Mrs Darcy

Since Ravelry isn't actually a blog, I'm remembering I have this and now it's time to move on to planned mods.

For those of you joining the program late, this is Mary Weaver's Mrs. Darcy Cardigan.

  • Add tiny gather at back, just below ribbing, so there is ease in hips but waist is still tight. -2: (K2tog)4x, (ssk)4x (or whichever gets them slanting how I want -- if anyone is using this for reference, be aware that I knit really weirdly). -1: (P2tog)2x, (ssp)2x (same note). 0: ribbing begins.
  • Change twisted rib (I don't much like how it looks) to 2x2 rib with tiny cables, for a little more elasticity. Also, I love tiny cables :)
  • Lengthen waist ribbed section slightly (make it up as I go, and don't forget to count!)
  • Shorten garment to place ribbing at natural waist (counting!)
  • Seed stitch borders instead of garter stitch (I think it looks more polished).

I am not a Small.
  • Back: CO 88 sts (with gather decreases, this makes 78 for the rest)
  • Fronts: CO 42 sts each.
  • Sleeves: CO 48 each.

This pattern seems to have shaping problems, mostly in that the armhole shaping is very tight. These are my preliminary ideas to help out with that.

Body (each instruction is worked once on each side):
(BO2) 2x
(k2tog) 2x
(k2tog every other row) 6x
work even in st st for 28ish rows?

Arms (full instructions)
1. BO4, k to end
2. BO4, p to end
3. BO2, k to end
4. BO2, p to last 4, p2tog, p2
5 and 6. work to last for, k/p 2tog, work 2
7 - 10. work to last 4, 2tog (short rows)
11 - 13 (and possibly beyond?). work in st st.
continue starting with row 10 as written in Mary's pattern.

This is what I have for now. Swatching is complete, and I'm just waiting to actually finish my last project before I jump on into this one :)

ETA: switched some k's to p's -- this is stockinette stictch!

7/11: Cast on the first sleeve! I was going to do them both at once, but I realized that would be pretty crowded.

Tiny cables every 4th row.

Goal: Be able to wear it to the first day of Computational Physics, weather permitting :) If all goes REALLY well, be able to wear it when I visit Moine!

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