12 October 2010


Black mid-calf/knee boots with a small heel (up to 2"). Leather, sturdy, comfy, minimal detailing, round toe. I like a slouch silhouette but it's not critical. Some I like:
Endless: Everything I'm looking for, maybe a little on the plain side.
Endless: Perfect, but not in my size.
Endless: Great, except that reviewers say the calf is narrow and my calves are not.
Fluevogs 1 : not totally keen on the not-black heel and buckles
Fluevogs 2 : not exactly what I have in mind, but utterly fabulous
Endless: I like everything on these EXCEPT the sole seems flimsy, and a heel would be nice.
Endless: I like everything on these except the hardware (there's too much)
Payless : very cute, but a bit shorter than I have in mind