08 July 2012

brownie cookies

Brownies, but in cookie form.  Bonus: no eggs, so even the squeamish can eat it raw!


A box of brownie mix

About a cup of apple sauce

A little bit of vanilla soy milk (you could use regular milk or even water, but I like this because it adds body and it's what I have on hand)

optional: extra flour

Preheat oven to 400.

Mix the apple sauce into the brownie mix.  It will take a while before it starts looking wet.  Add just enough soy milk to make a thick batter.  (I added a bit too much at first, so I added some extra cake flour to thicken it back up a bit.)  Chocolate chips or nuts would be tasty too.

Let it rest for a few minutes to thicken.

Dollop onto your favorite nonstick baking surface.  Give 'em space because they want to spread.  Bake 8-12 minutes (until no longer wet), then remove to cool.  I recommend eating them as soon as possible without burning your mouth because that severely impedes enjoyment.

Make sure the pan cools completely before you put the next batch on, you don't want too much extra spreading.

(photos coming soon)

22 May 2012

Nail Polish

I'm giving myself a manicure today so I figured I would take a picture of my favorite nail polishes (otherwise known as the ones in my collection that are Sephora by OPI).  I have some other fun colors but I think as time goes on they'll all get replaced by OPI because it is by far the best brand I've ever used.

Left to right:
Chestnuts About You (shimmery pink champagne)
Curve-Aceous (shiny true red aka The Woman)
Just A Little Dangerous (slightly glittery deep plum, aka Purple of Sex)
Absinthe Makes the Heart (dark green glitter)
What's A Tire Jack (black -- online sources claim it's matte but I'm not sure if mine is)

L to R:
What Aura Gonna Wear? (opaque hot pink)
How Cute Is That? (shimmery coral)
I Come In Peas (opaque kelly green)
Baker Street (opaque TARDIS blue)

12 May 2012

Sewing project photos

Because Picasa doesn't play nice with Ubuntu, apparently.

25 April 2012

Free Pattern : John's Jumper Cosy

Tea cosy for a large Brown Betty.  Pattern available for free in my Google docs.

22 April 2012

Wedding Makeup

I decided yesterday that I'm going to do my own makeup for the wedding.  I think in general this will be a stress-reducer.  I'm very confident with my makeup, and it's one less appointment for the day -- the only getting-ready that will be done by a pro is hair, because I'm not really great at doing my own hair.  I also spent $100 at Sephora yesterday on products specifically for the wedding -- primer, waterproof mascara, and a new lipstick.

List of products
List of tools (all Sephora except kabuki brush)
  • Foundation brush
  • Concealer brush
  • Kabuki brush (ELF)
  • Round eyeshadow brush
  • Detail eyeshadow brush
  • Lipstick brush
  • Large powder brush
  1. Apply chapstick
  2. Prime entire face, jaw, and blend to neck, except eyelids
  3. Wait five minutes
  4. With foundation brush, apply BN foundation to entire face (except eyelids) and blend to neck.  Make sure to get around eyebrows.  BLEND.
  5. With concealer brush, apply MK concealer from back of hand to undereye dark circles and any major blemishes.
  6. With concealer brush again, apply Rimmel concealer as outside-lip liner, paying special attention to center of upper lip (cupid's bow) and outside of lower lip.  Apply anywhere else that needs brightening, like nose.  Blend into foundation.
  7. With kabuki brush, apply ELF mineral foundation lightly to entire face and neck, blending into chest.  Buff very well to eliminate powder look.
  8. Touch up concealer if needed.
  9. Apply UD eyeshadow primer to eyelids, inner corners, and almost up to the brow.  DO NOT cateye -- keep it close.
  10. With round eyeshadow brush, apply Sephora eyeshadow lightly to entire lid.  Darken slightly at outer corner and crease, blending well.  DO NOT CATEYE -- keep it close.
  11. With detail eyeshadow brush and Sephora eyeshadow, line upper lash line and outer third of lower lash line.
  12. Blot chapstick, if needed.
  13. Line lips with lip brush and Smashbox lipstick.  Overdo the Cupid's bow at first.
  14. Fill in lips.  Allow to dry for a minute.
  15. Gently blot lips with tissue.  Powder with CG loose powder through 1ply of tissue.
  16. Reapply lipstick.
  17. Touch up edges of lips with Rimmel concealer, if needed.
  18. Apply Tarte mascara, first to tops of lashes, then to bottom (the normal way).  Lightly apply to lower lashes all the way across.
  19. With large powder brush, apply ELF blush very lightly to create cheekbone contours.  Layer to darken if desired.
  20. Apply Maybelline brow gel.
  21. Be fabulous!