14 September 2007

new project...

I was reading the 'Tosa paper the other day, and for some reason, a picture of the East freshman activities suddenly made me want to knit one of those babydoll-esque tops, with the straps and buttons. Now, I just bought a whole bunch of yarn, so I wasn't going to go out and buy more. So instead I went up and dug through the box of winter tops in my room --- bingo! Red-orange turtleneck that's been falling apart since my junior year of high school. It's the perfect color for a fall top (though I have yet to figure out what to wear under it... probably black), it came apart easily with minimal cutting, and it's wool/silk/synthetic. Actually a really nice yarn, now that I'm taking all the pills off.

So here's the plan. I've already started the front, using #10 straight needles and the lace pattern for Knitty's Totally Autumn throw. It's a slightly bigger gauge than the original sweater, but it's nice and drapey. I've got 5 pattern repeats across the front, and for the back I think I'll do two on each side and a fancy braided cable up the middle for shaping. Then at the top I'll get into some ribbing just below the bust, and attach the straps and find some buttons in that pound I have.

The goal? To have it finished before I move into the Swing House in a week! Here we go!

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