25 November 2007

teh xmas listorz!

  • House, M.D. season 3 on DVD
  • Matcha (Japanese powdered green tea)
  • wool sockses
  • really enormous knitting needles (size 20 or larger)
  • an alarm clock less than 10 years old, like maybe a CD alarm clock? so I can wake up to a CD instead of the radio.
  • a big, drapey shawl/scarf thing
  • H&M trip? something else? these are cute.
  • Starbucks gift card!
  • Several skeins of (a single color of) very fine cashmere or mohair yarn
  • Swing Kids (Disney, 1993-ish) on DVD
  • this summer, a laptop that is capable of running Firefox, iTunes, and Notepad simultaneously, unless I end up somewhere within driving distance and just bring the desktop.
updated 04 Dec

further updates as events warrant.

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