25 April 2008

Major updates

Woah! I know I don't really have any readers, but it sure has been a while. Let's go with the current projects status.

  • red summer halter top with lace or openwork bottom --- red sweater yarn, #6 circ, #2 for cables.
  • mohair lace shawl --- #10 straight needles, fuchsia mohair yarn, "diagonale" pattern
  • Nautiloid, from Knitty --- #8 DPNs, denim wool-ease
  • big-needle sweater --- #19 straight needles, red heart casual cotton yarn w/ acrylic filler
  • felt purse --- just needs assembly now
  • very low priority: maroon capelet
Future projects (in the works)
  • fisherman's wool something-or-other (wrap? shrug? sweater? ss cardigan?) --- designing. some ideas here.
  • bday present for Katy???
That's really it for now, I suppose.

EDIT April 28:

Decided to knit some beaded wire napkin rings for Mary for her wedding, based on the Knitty pattern "Venezia". I'm using 2 of my #8 DPNs (scavenged from Nautie), the 24 ga. wire and drop beads from the Evenstar, and some colored beads from the beaded bobby pins kit. 24 is very hard to work with, but it's turning out neat. Maybe after this I'll attempt something with the 28 ga. that came with the kit.

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