02 August 2008

beer + shaping = long hours of damage control

Last night was Friday, so I had a beer, and then went and watched Sunshine with my physics friends while I worked on the back for Mrs Darcy -- specifically, my little gather shaping and then beginning the cabled rib. Everything was peachy-keen until I got back to my room, the buzz wore off, and I realized that instead of decreasing 8 times centered, I had decreased 8 times on each side of center. WTF. So this morning at the coffee shop I had to rip back about 10 rows and fix my stuff. 4 rows later I realized I had placed the decreases off-center, and had to go back and fix that. THEN I screwed up the ribbing because for some reason I decided to put a p4 where there should have only been a p2, so I had to tink back and get that straightened out. So now I'm finally in the 3rd row of the ribbing (I made it up to the 8th while I was watching the movie .. ugh).

So that's my story and why this is going sort of slowly. It should be smooth (but long) sailing from here. I think I want to find a cabled celtic knot medallion or something to put on the back, to go with the celtic knot buttons I hope to find. Whoo!!

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