23 August 2009

So I have epic things to do

Dear Internet,

Please help me get all of this done on schedule.

Love, Sarah.

To do today:
  • Laundry
  • Unpack small suitcase
  • Choose vacation clothes
  • Grocery shopping
To do this week:
  • Job applications (Torrid, JCP, Kohl's (no openings), Target, Macy's, Tom's?, Stone Cellar?) Do Torrid first (on Monday) and then I have the info for all the others that I can maybe do online??
  • Make Sat. hair appt. Coupon!
  • Get audiobooks from the Library (Monday) and put them on Johannes.
  • Borrow Stacy's safflower oil, or have her come over Saturday.
  • Finish Mary's baby sweater (only one sleeve to go!!! well, and the button.)
  • Go grocery shopping again and get cake mix and apples
To do next weekend:
  • Haircut
  • Get EVERYTHING packed except what is needed at home -- have a plan for that stuff
  • Make cupcakes
  • Mall shopping if time: watch battery, headphone 2fer, Old Navy. Also turn in finished applications!
  • Dye hair
  • Home mani/pedi!!
  • Mall shopping if not done Saturday
  • Last full day of work
Tuesday AKA THE BIG DAY!!:
  • Half-day of work, with cupcakes -- give a key to whoever is plant-sitting (Stacy or Amy)
  • Finish packing everything and vacation-proof the house
  • Leave for MKE by 3
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