05 October 2009

And so it begins...

I had my first wedding nightmare last night, probably because I spent a lot of yesterday reading books I got from the APL about how to make a ceremony.

So in the dream we got married but Erik forgot to bring the rings along. No big, we just skipped that part. So later we were together and we got them out and put them on -- and they were ALL WRONG. His was something enormous and fancy, and mine was made of acrylic (clear plastic, not yarn!), carved with swirly designs, and had a giant opal in a prong setting (the prongs were acrylic too). I got really angry that he ordered something totally different from what we wanted, but he apparently liked them and didn't care what I thought. So I grabbed his and took mine off and threw them both on the floor (and they proceeded to bounce away) and I stalked off angrily in my wedding dress.

Anyway, it's quite some time before I have any good reason to worry about the rings being wrong/forgotten, since we don't even have the year chosen yet. BUT that doesn't mean we don't have ideas!

This is my engagement ring (in "Happy Feet" by Plymouth Yarns):

And these are some bands we like (from e-weddingbands.com)
For me:

For him:

Totally different than in the dream! So maybe you can see why I was so angry -- we're going for simple and classy.

Second alpaca sock is coming along well -- did a couple of inches already today. I need to find the first one so I can carry it around to measure the second so I know when to start the heel.

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