30 August 2010

What do you do with 11 pounds of tomatoes?

SAUCE, that's what.

4 smallish onions, coarsely chopped

A big old bag of dried basil, since I couldn't find fresh.

11 pounds of organic heirloom tomatoes ($10), coarsely chopped

This is what was left after I was done attacking them:

Stems and split parts

A few nasty ones

It all came together into this:

Added a few big glugs of balsamic vinegar, some white wine, and a whole bunch of spices that I thought went with it.

Simmered for h-o-u-r-s, stirring often. After a while I hit it with my stick blender, and let it keep going for a while. Lots of salt and pepper.

MMMMMMdelicious. Most of this is destined for the freezer.

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