07 January 2011

Free Pattern: Hat: Quinto

See that hat on Zachary Quinto there?

Pretty cute, isn't it?  Well, I says to myself I says, I should make one!  And so I did.


20" circumference, unstretched.  Easily stretches to accommodate even freakishly huge brains.  My hat doesn't quite cover the bottoms of my ears, but it can be made longer.


19 stitches = 4" in stockinette stitch.
Row gauge is less important.


One set (5) DPNs, size US 6
or One 16" circ, size US 6 and one set DPNs, size US 6
or One long circ for magic loop, size US6
or Two circs, size US 6
or size needed to get gauge.

Two skeins Brooklyn Tweed SHELTER in contrasting colors.  You will probably use most of the MC, and less than half of the CC.
For my sample, I used Nest (gray/brown) for the MC and Tent (green) for the CC.  The contrast isn't great, but I didn't buy the yarn with this project in mind...
To match the hat in the picture, I suggest Soot (gray) for the MC and Faded Quilt (light gray/blue) for the CC.

Eight stitch markers.  Preferably, the one for the beginning of the round is distinctive from the others.


With MC, cast on 96 stitches and join to work in the round, being careful not to twist.  Place marker for beginning of round.

Work in stockinette stitch (knit every stitch of every round) until work measures 3.5" from cast on edge, or longer if desired.

Next round (MC): Purl.

With CC, knit three rounds.
Switch to MC.
Next round: Knit
Next round: Purl

Repeat the stripe four more times, for a total of five stripes.

Crown decrease setup:
With MC, *knit 12 sts, pm*, repeat between * around.  8 markers.

Crown decreases:
1. *Knit until 2 sts before marker, k2tog, slip marker*, repeat between * around.
2. Knit.

Repeat these two rows until 8 sts remain.  Cut yarn, leaving 12" tail.  Draw tail through eight stitches and pull tightly to close.

Weave in ends and wear with pride!

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jodi said...

Can I use 2 needles instead??