01 May 2007

a little life & loss

Those of you who know me well (or are somewhat familiar with my photos) know about my family's dog, Paddi, seen here and here. (click on pics to enlarge) Recently she's been very sick, and we've discovered her kidneys are failing and as a result, her blood chemistry is shot. She's been acting happy recently due to the IV fluids Mom (who's also her vet) gave her last week and the canned food she loves so much, but really, one day without eating and we lose her... she may have days or weeks, maybe a month. It depends on how long the happy holds.

My family lives just outside Milwaukee, which is close enough that a day trip is feasible. Mom might bring Paddi up so I can see her either today or Thursday, because it'll probably be the last time. (Typing is so much easier than talking...)

So yeah. She's not really that old for a smallish dog.. I don't know for sure, but it's probably 8 to 10 years old. She's never been the epitome of health, but it's never been this bad.

So if you believe in a God, I ask you to pray for Paddington Rose Marheine. And if you don't, please keep her in your heart.


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