25 May 2007

Pirates ARRRRRRR!!!!!!!

All jokes aside, Pirates of the Caribbean is very nearly a secular religion. In much the same way Apple Computers is. Except with more pillaging and plundering the weaselly black hearts of its followers out. Very few (if any) fans of Pirates are actually criminals. One hopes.

But morality aside, sitting in a packed theater at midnight with a couple hundred other people, many of them in costume, can be looked at (though I don't know if it's strictly advisable in real life) through the lens of religion. The close community, the oneness of vision and purpose, the spontaneous cheering and "awww"-ing and disgusted groans (those for the Bratz movie trailer --- what a waste of brain!! aaauuggh!!).

It also sort of brings Rasta to mind, and not just because Tia Dalma is so hard to understand. I think smoking pot and reading a holy book can be very similar to staying up all night and watching a movie opening. If you see Pirates as parallel to the Bible (not that it is.. the thought is almost disgusting, if you took me seriously), pot and sleep deprivation both produce altered mental states. And if it's good enough for Bob Marley, it's good enough for me.

Oh man, Pirates!! The new one is way better than the second one.

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Noelle said...

I was completely with you thinking about the Pirates showing as "group experience" (but our bodies should be pretty well abused by now, what's one more fun all-nighter?)

But what about those iconoclasts dressed as ninja?