08 August 2007

oh man, guys!!

I just finished my paper!! Well, a preliminary sort of "finished," at any rate. Dr. Rumstay will look it over when his email decides to start working again. The pictures aren't working right, but we can leave that to Matt to figure out when I send it to him.

In other news, the space shuttle Endeavor launches this evening from KSC at about 6:30 EDT. We're 200 miles away and it's daytime so we probably won't see anything, but I intend to find it on TV and watch that. As of this writing, you've got 2 hours to find it; I'm pretty sure all the major news networks will be covering it.

I've got one more day in Valdosta, which means I'm going to spend tonight and most of tomorrow trying to pack, and going to the post office to ship some things home (for example, my 20# of pots and pans). Got some food to finish, too... two more containers of pasta leftovers, leftovers from the place we went for lunch yesterday, half a pizza, and a whole bunch of ingredients that I don't care enough about to bring back (though I think my spices will be making the trip).

Friday's going to be a busy day... I get up at 4AM to catch my 6:30 flight, and then I have a 2-hour layover in Atlanta and get into Milwaukee at 11. Though if I'm lucky there'll be an earlier flight that I can get on; I'll call if that's the case! After that I'm heading to Appleton -- the plan is that Erik will make sandwiches for lunch, and we'll head to the Fashion in Film exhibit in Oshkosh right away since it closes at 4. Then we'll be back in 'Tosa for dinner.

Saturday we're going to the Simpsons movie with Katy and Amanda (and anyone else who wants to come, time TBA but as early as possible), then stopping by Mayfair so Erik can see the Apple store and play with an iPhone (I promised him) and so I can see about buying some bleach and purple (note to self: call Hot Topic to make sure it's in stock). Then we'll head to Sendik's and Indian Groceries & Spices to buy the ingredients with which we will make dinner (expect something containing curry and perhaps saffron).

Sunday is State Fair with Katy's family!! When we get back from that we'll start heading up to Appleton again -- the plan is we'll have dinner there, and then I'll help Erik move into Swing House (and, I suppose, Jason and Corey into Hiett and everyone/everywhere) and bring my bike home.

Right now, Georgia is in the grips of a huuuge heat wave. Yahoo says it's 96, Google says it's 36, and Martha says places up north (well, "up north" for Georgia) are having record highs. I spent the day in the office writing my paper while I hid from the Sun and waves of incoming freshmen.

And apparently I've become a windbag. I'll leave it at that.

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