13 June 2007


Hey everybody. Just finished for the day, which involves finishing all the preliminary processing on the images from 2007 -- hopefully I can finish 2006 before I leave for Kitt Peak on Saturday morning!

What I'm doing (so far) is essentially removing all the noise from the telescope images. There are 3 kinds of noise (two from the chip and one from everything else) that I have to take out using MIRA, which is tedious work, especially when there's 240 images of one thing!

That's about all for work... I met Dr Leake yesterday, and she's giving me a big trash can and a brush and dustpan that her student left last year. Dinner tonight will be rotini with spinach and fish, and maybe some carrots. Haven't decided yet if I want to put pasta sauce on that... maybe. It sounds good, but then I'd have to use all the sauce before I leave. And it's a lot of sauce.

Also, I just bought a (really!) cheap DVD player on eBay, since the computers in here don't have DVD drives and I have no other way to watch Batman Begins! But I have to buy the cables too.. eh. This won't be more than $20 total, which makes me happy. Works-great DVD player for $0.01, anyone? Yeah, I thought so. But shipping was $13.50. Whatever. Hopefully it'll work for 9 weeks.

Oh man, I'm hungry. Time to go make dinner!!

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