12 June 2007


Great news, everybody!! ("What is it, Dr. Nick?")

So I finally now how to reduce data!! Whoop-de-do! So now I have actual work to do instead of just reading things. Only problems I've encountered so far are when some runs are missing sets of exposures, and another one had such a large image set that it crashed the program. Lots of times. But I'm familiar with Windoze so I persuaded it into submission and have conquered the problem by doing it in pieces.

The cable went out sometime yesterday, and I don't know if it's fixed yet. Another girl came through looking for someone else to call the front desk, because they didn't believe her. So I read a book and listened to the faux-pod instead :)

Uh... that's about all for now. Ken's wife invited me to dinner again, so I'm having "string pie" tonight!! Yummy spaghetti. Also yay playing with the kitties again!

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Hazy Dave said...

Rumour has it your brother is planning spaghetti and meatballs for tonight. I'll be working late, but there should be leftovers when I get home!