30 July 2007

general amusements

Hi everyone! Just a few things I felt like writing down.

I went fishing on Saturday with a family from church who "adopted" me -- their daughter Molly is Pete's age, and their son is my age but he's never around. We had a great time, and I caught three black crappies! They were all fairly large -- 8-12 inches, maybe. I have pictures, but I forgot to bring my camera in today so I'll post them later. This species is supposed to be really delicious, but we let them go after we took the pictures.

I biked to the mall yesterday, mostly for new jeans (which I found on sale at Old Navy, of course. Made in Cambodia, but they fit like a dream). Also got a pair of fingerless gloves from Hot Topic that say "good" on the fingers of one hand and "evil" on the other, but of course "good" is on the hand that hurts more! Typing is starting to be generally painful, so I'm taking frequent breaks (and Aleve).

JC Penney was having a sale yesterday, and somehow I got a cute t-shirt that was originally $14.99, marked down to $4.99, reduced to $4.19, and sold to me for only $2.99! Not sure exactly how that all worked, but I got me a new shirt for a sketchy-goodwill-shirt price! (it has pink and white stripes and a little lace at the collar -- adorable!)

Three days now until I leave for Melbourne and the second meeting, 10 until I go home. I'm giving a practice talk tomorrow, and on Wednesday I'm moving into my "guest apartment" for the remainder of my stay. It's sort of a hassle, but that's what I get for going to Lawrence.

That's all for now, I'll put up pictures when I remember.

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