06 July 2007

weekend haps

Hello, readers! Work is as unexciting as ever, hence the update here. Martha and I are going to First Friday this evening -- it's a mini-festival that Valdosta has downtown on the first Friday of each month, and there's food and music and so forth. It should be a good time! At some point I will get to a grocery store and buy some strawberries and eggs so I can make Kaiserschmarren.. I probably need milk, too.

I called the Rec center about swimming.. left a message, haven't heard back yet. I'll stop by on Tuesday morning if I don't hear anything by then, since I want to swim!

Had a nice, relaxing 4th.. saw Ratatoullie, and had some blue crab sushi for lunch :) Yummy! Then Martha and I went to the fireworks, which we ended up watching from the parking lot behind Sear's because it wasn't as congested as everywhere else, and had some ice cream.. all in all, it was a good day.

That's all for now!

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